Friday, December 5, 2008

PC games

PC games...I dont play lot...Im not a computer games addict...but I love to play geo challenge...on facebook.It's vry fun and educational.The 1st round is the flag must choose the correct flag according to the country's name in 1 minute.It gets harder and harder!I know the flags of its country but if you want to set a high score...your computer's speed must be fast toO~the 2nd round~map mayhem...LoOk at the shape of a country or state then choose the name of it...kinda hard ,eh?the last round~city blitz~look for the city on the map!Im not so gud @ this but better in the 1st 1.I rank no.1 among my friends~haha~some of them are older than me...^^They want me to help them play...tat's ok..!HEHE~!there r other games such as Word Challenge,Who has the bigest brain?and pet society...


Those titles up there are my favourite books...Inkheart,Inkspell and Inkdeath is 1 story...but thick books.I've been waiting for Inkdeath(the latest book)for 1 month or so...and I finally bought it yesterday(5th Dec)!Hooray!!We were going to Popular bookstore in Boulevard to buy a present for my friend whose b'day is coming up.Just at the front sis spotted Inkdeath!I was so happy...excited~!I looked at the price>>>RM69.90<<>>Tunnels and the Thief Lord....the Thief Lord was written by the same author~Cornelia Funke~But I want to read Inkdeath complete the Inkheart triology.I have Inkspell and Inkdeath but Inkheart ,no because I borrowed it from the library to read it!If you guys haven't read those should read'em...they're great...Inkheart's gonna be a movie in theaters next year(2009).Can't wait to watch it!P.S:Inkdeath has 699 pages...the story itself!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

UPSR results & hols

Heyz all! Sry 4 not writing more posts....haha...bcoz my uncle wanna noe my blog site so I tried not to come here to this website^^M going 2 talk about my results....UPSR....7As...lots of 7 A students in my class,btw,most in our school....but compared to the others we're kinda lousy (my class).It's the holidays now...finally^^but I still get to go 4 tuition classes at CHMS 1. The Beginning of hols=end of primary school. Welll, graduated frm primary school n left my maybe 4eva....maybe we won't meet again but I hope we don't lose contact!!!Friends forever......^^

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween party

The party was smashing!!Quite fun 4 RM16. Played games and there was a worm eating contest,balloon blowing,stepping on balloons,pinata n bla bla bla...The worms r actually chandoe (spelling incorrect)with coke.I was d 1st 1 to finish it and it was gross when u eat it without coke.The balloon blowing game's winner is my friend,Flavia.And d balloon stepping 1, Jeremy stepped on my balloon and he won!Some of d boys didn 1 2 participate in games bcoz they r COWARDS!hAHa!Flavia's balloon was stepped by Jeremy we sought revenge n put french fries into his shirt,HAHA!I juz gt a few candy frm d pinata...bcoz I gave some 2 Flavia. When d party is near d end,we made a very "grossy" drink with coke,ice,Jeremy's saliva, Samuel Lei's saliva,sour candy,lollipop,chicken bones,french fries,cellotape,pumpkin on paper,mash potato,leftovers,Mamee,watermelon n some of us drank it!!!Me was disgusting n tastes lyk Milo.I nearly puke n Samuel Lei said if we drank it he will giv us now he owes me n others 1 mil.,haha.(joking)I think every 1 who drank it suffered frm stomach ache after d party.I think I missed out sumthin,I m a bandit tat night n i made a fake dagger with blood...real blood(my nose was bleeding tat morning)wad a coincidence(if u call it)So Teacher Betty told me to kill Samuel Lei ,n he was so afraid even if he noes tat d dagger was a fake 1.~COWARD~ again...P.S:I really did suffer frm stomach ache...P.S.S:d prize I gt 4 eating worms was a rubiks cube

Monday, October 27, 2008


My cousin has four pet tortoises but there's only 3 left. Last week, d dead tortoise's leg was eaten by the others. Well, d whole family pitied it. It was very gross & disgusting. There was 5 of us (me,my 2 sis, my 2 cousins) but they only bought 4 tortoises bcoz 6 yr old Nadya said that I was way too old for this stuff...I dun think so. But thank goodness I didn't have'em bcoz I dun hav 2 clean their tank or feed'em.HAHAHA!Tortoises aren't really great pets bacause they STINK and don't do anything. Unlike dogs that will guard our house. I hope I can either have a pet puppy or a parrot. I think parrots r cool pets as they can talk...(P.S:haven found any songs 4 halloween party yet...)

Monday, October 20, 2008


Yipee! Halloween's round d corner. Can scare ppl! Going 2 a Halloween organised by our class in ELC. Haven pick a costume yet, hav no ideas. I was a dracula laz yr. Dis yr I wna find sumthin new n cool n creative. Any1 who noes any plz share it wivv me. I'm in charge of audio n haven find any songs n music yet. Great!(sarcastically) HELP!Any1 who noes any plz recommend to me. 10X!


The day after tommorow will be our school year-end exams again. TIRED! Well its gna be 6 days of borin' exams. But we had P.E 2day...not bad. We're gna hav a performance on gradu' day, gt the part as a dr. Only 1 line! Every1 is writing autographs dis few weeks. Me 2. Practising 4 basketball competition during P.E. Hope we can win!!!