Monday, October 27, 2008


My cousin has four pet tortoises but there's only 3 left. Last week, d dead tortoise's leg was eaten by the others. Well, d whole family pitied it. It was very gross & disgusting. There was 5 of us (me,my 2 sis, my 2 cousins) but they only bought 4 tortoises bcoz 6 yr old Nadya said that I was way too old for this stuff...I dun think so. But thank goodness I didn't have'em bcoz I dun hav 2 clean their tank or feed'em.HAHAHA!Tortoises aren't really great pets bacause they STINK and don't do anything. Unlike dogs that will guard our house. I hope I can either have a pet puppy or a parrot. I think parrots r cool pets as they can talk...(P.S:haven found any songs 4 halloween party yet...)

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