Friday, December 5, 2008


Those titles up there are my favourite books...Inkheart,Inkspell and Inkdeath is 1 story...but thick books.I've been waiting for Inkdeath(the latest book)for 1 month or so...and I finally bought it yesterday(5th Dec)!Hooray!!We were going to Popular bookstore in Boulevard to buy a present for my friend whose b'day is coming up.Just at the front sis spotted Inkdeath!I was so happy...excited~!I looked at the price>>>RM69.90<<>>Tunnels and the Thief Lord....the Thief Lord was written by the same author~Cornelia Funke~But I want to read Inkdeath complete the Inkheart triology.I have Inkspell and Inkdeath but Inkheart ,no because I borrowed it from the library to read it!If you guys haven't read those should read'em...they're great...Inkheart's gonna be a movie in theaters next year(2009).Can't wait to watch it!P.S:Inkdeath has 699 pages...the story itself!!

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