Friday, December 5, 2008

PC games

PC games...I dont play lot...Im not a computer games addict...but I love to play geo challenge...on facebook.It's vry fun and educational.The 1st round is the flag must choose the correct flag according to the country's name in 1 minute.It gets harder and harder!I know the flags of its country but if you want to set a high score...your computer's speed must be fast toO~the 2nd round~map mayhem...LoOk at the shape of a country or state then choose the name of it...kinda hard ,eh?the last round~city blitz~look for the city on the map!Im not so gud @ this but better in the 1st 1.I rank no.1 among my friends~haha~some of them are older than me...^^They want me to help them play...tat's ok..!HEHE~!there r other games such as Word Challenge,Who has the bigest brain?and pet society...

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